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In the summer of 2009 five students from the University of Cooperative Education in Leipzig developed a little program they christened "Crossword Dictionary" as part of a seminar in project management. The program lists all words matching a given length and letter configuration. The program was developed using JAVA and uses an XML tree as its data source. Since the XML is an easily understandable data format, the program can be extended very easily to other languages as well. Links

Sourceforge project web
Bug tracker
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Developer documentation

There are four preconfigured packages available for download on the left, as well as the source code. On the right you'll find links to the development page: source tree, code documentation, bug tracker.


We publish the software under the terms of the GPL, which means that you are free to download, change, further the code as you see fit. We also need to point out that since developing this program was merely serving as a means to another purpose, after september 09 there is little probability this project will continue to be actively maintained. So if you need to get in contact with us, I recommend emailing christianDOTscheinATit2007DOTba-leipzigDOTde.

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